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e-Oppi – Expertise in pedagogy brought to the digital environment

Since its foundation in 2011, e-Oppi has been ambitious in creating top-quality learning materials that efficiently utilize the pedagogical power of the present-day digital environment.

Effective, user-friendly e-learning materials to suit your needs  

Our wide range of learning materials is designed in accordance with the goals and requirements of the Finnish educational system, which is widely recognized as one of the best in the world. In addition to Finnish-language e-books, we also provide learning materials in English. While our digital books are primarily designed for comprehensive schools and high schools, we have experience in localizing them to fit the criteria of different curricula and educational systems. We currently offer international versions of the books Environmental Studies 3–6, Biology 7–9 (excluding Biology 8) and Geography 7–9, which are well-suited for use in different parts of the world.

Multimedia content demonstrates and motivates

Our approach to learning employs ample multimedia content in a way that effectively encourages learning and demonstrates even the more challenging subjects clearly. In our e-books you can for example see natural environments come alive in countless videos and animations, explore the world through 360° images, experiment in simulations and study objects as 3D or in VR. In addition, our learning materials come with various types of motivating exercises and comprehensive teachers’ materials.

The many benefits of a modern learning platform

The learning materials are used on the advanced and user-friendly Opiq platform ( The platform is known for its reliability among its over 90 000 weekly users across Europe. Opiq comes with a wide array of pedagogical tools. The teacher can for example keep track of the given tasks and follow the learning progress of the students. Other functionalities for both the teacher and the students include audio book option, and tools for making notes and highlights to support one’s individual teaching or learning style.

Easy to use on any device

Our e-books don’t require installation, as they are accessible directly through a web browser on any device. The responsive platform scales seamlessly to every screen size from large video projectors to smallest mobile phones and everything in between. Opiq also provides a handy mobile application to access and use the learning materials for those who prefer one. For more information on the best learning materials available, please contact us.  

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For International Partners We Offer

Adapting projects

Work with us to adapt and localise our educational e-books to fit into your local culture and educational needs.

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