Latest update in Opiq platform (December 6th 2022)

The latest update of the Opiq digital platform concerns the visibility of the teacher’s exercise kit for students.

After the update, the teacher can easily share exercises to students without creating and assigning a separate set of tasks.

However, the old task assigning tool will also remain functional.

Click numbers in pictures below to see more about updated views.



Teacher’s instructions:

1. Log in to Opiq at If you don’t have an account yet, you can ask it from us:

You can change language fi -> english in the bottom of any page in Opiq

2. Create a course from the book of your choice:

a) In Opiq, go to the Library tab and click on the cover of the book to select the material you want.

b) Click on the Add as course button in the bottom right corner of the page. After this, you are prompted to give a name for your new course. After doing so, click Add study kit as course.

c) Your new course will now be found on the Tasks and courses tab.

3. Adding a student to a course or a book:

a) Open the Tasks and courses tab.

b) Click on the cover of the course book you created and go to its Settings tab.

c) You can assign students to a course in several ways: 

Joining with code

  • This method is recommended if your students have never used Opiq before and you have a large number of students and/or several groups.
  • Click on the green Activate joining with code button on the right-hand side of the page and copy the code into the template message sent to the group at the end of this email. 
  • Also include your school code in the message. This code can be found on Opiq by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and clicking School settings.

Adding students manually with Add or edit pupils

  • Recommended when there are few new students or the teaching group is small.
  • On the Settings page for a course, click on the Add or edit pupils button. Fill in the students’ details and click Add pupils. 
  • The Select from current or archived lists button can be used to add students from a previous course to the book. You can see the groups from the previous year by changing the learning period menu to the year 2021-2022.
  • If you are adding students to the course yourself manually, you do not need to send the template message and codes below. 
  • An invitation to the platform is sent to the new pupil’s email. The invitation contains a link to register by creating an account or using another authentication method. After completing the registration, the student will be automatically added to the correct school and course. No automatic invitation will be sent to previous users of Opiq, but the course will appear on their Opiq homepage.   

It is important to always log in to the platform using the same button as the one used to create/authenticate the account, and not to create multiple user accounts. The Opiq button is used if the account was created using an email and password. If the password is forgotten, it can be renewed by clicking on ”Forgot your Opiq password?” in the login screen.

4. Finally, activate the student licenses by clicking on the Configure adding license button on the course’s Settings page. Select the oppilas/opiskelija 2022/2023 license from the menu and click Activate adding a license. Confirm your selection by clicking Yes.

If there are no or few licenses left, someone else has already activated the licenses for another course. Activate the licenses anyway, no matter what the number of licenses is, 0 or whatever. Only one license per student is needed to access all courses from the start.