Biology 7 – Living Organisms

Biology 7 – Living Organisms is a study book for basic education.

The Living Organisms teaching material examines the kingdoms of living organisms. The material specifically focuses on water ecosystems. The material discusses living cells and their structures, the aquatic communities of ​living organisms, as well as the key adaptions and structures of plants and animals. In addition to these, the material also outlines the basics of ecology and helps the student in familiarizing themselves with Finnish ecosystems.

The teaching material is rich in media: there are many pictures, videos and online links. The goalssummariesadditional information and exercises of various levels present opportunities for the differentiation and streaming of pupils according to their skills and needs.

The teaching material functions as an electronic learning environment, that guides the students to create their own material. The course provides opportunities for a larger project that can include the study of water environments, nearby ecosystems or mammal species.

The book includes two intermediate tests. The teacher’s material includes editable and printable outlines for paper tests.

Each chapter has its own explicit goals. The summaries of the different chapters also function as supporting material. The extensive terminology section helps the student to learn and revise different biological concepts.

Price: 9,20 € /student/school year (VAT 0 %)
Authors: Merja Heinäaho, Esa Härmä, Oskari Härmä, Leena Järvinen, Janne Roininen & Simo Veistola
Year of publication: 2020