Green Chemistry 7–9

Green Chemistry 7–9 is a learning material for middle school chemistry. It includes both theory and exercises. This material can be used with all devices that have access to the internet. It is fully modifiable by the teacher, which makes the construction of unique and specialized learning environments possible.

Green Chemistry 7–9 will make students notice how interesting a subject chemistry actually is. The study of chemistry consists of theory, laboratory assignments, and computer modelling. Working in the laboratory is important, as it is there that students can expand and apply their theoretical knowledge. Computer modelling is useful for the study of chemistry, because molecules cannot be distinguished with the naked eye.

Price: 9,20 € /student/school year (VAT 0 %)
Authors: Jarkko Lampiselkä, Johannes Pernaa & Ilkka Roininen
Year of publication: 2020